Along with the community service projects, the club also has a charitable fund (501(c)) that is distributed to local charities and organizations at the end of every club year.  We host multiple fundraisers during the club year to raise monies for this fund.  For the club year 2016/2017 we raised $4,740 and will donate these monies to six Merrimack charities and organizations; St. James Food Pantry, St. John Neumann Food Pantry, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Camp Naticook Scholarships, Bridges and Merrimack Fire Fighters Union / Turkey Dinner & Heating Assistance

Project Backpack 2017

Charitable Donations 2016/2017

Service Projects

In addition to our social activities and charitable donations, Merrimack Friends and Families actively participates in service projects for the community. We have many diverse service activities and we aim to offer a wide assortment so that we can include everyone in the club in some form or another.

At the beginning of every club year our first service project is filling backpacks for the Merrimack Welfare Department. For 2017, we filled 16 backpacks with all the necessary supplies to get kids-in-need off to a good start. 

Twice a year, MFF will clean up their Adopted Road  in Merrimack.  We adopted Lawrence Road - road on the way to the dump.

We are in the process of planning additional service projects the upcoming club year 2017 - 2018.  Please refer to our Club Calendar for more the upcoming service events.

If you would like additional information about our Service projects, please contact us at